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How to Make and Sell SVGs on Etsy

How to Make and Sell SVGs on Etsy

For those who are looking to start a small business selling digital products, Etsy can be a great platform to showcase and sell your creations. One popular type of digital product that has gained a lot of popularity on Etsy are SVG files. SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, are image files that can be easily resized without losing quality, making them a versatile and popular choice for a variety of crafting projects.

Creating and selling SVG files on Etsy can be a great way to turn your passion for design into a profitable business. However, it can also be a competitive market, so it’s important to understand the best practices for creating and selling your files to stand out from the crowd. In this article, we’ll cover some tips and strategies for making and selling SVGs on Etsy, from creating your designs to pricing and marketing your products.

What are SVGs?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is a file format used for 2D graphics and images that can be scaled up or down without losing quality. SVGs are widely used in web design, digital art, and graphic design. They are created using vector graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.

Definition of SVG

SVG is an XML-based vector image format that uses geometric shapes, lines, and curves to create images. Unlike raster images, which are made up of pixels, SVGs are made up of mathematical equations that define the shape and size of the image. This means that SVGs can be scaled up or down without losing quality or becoming pixelated.

Advantages of SVGs

  • Scalability: SVGs can be scaled up or down without losing quality, making them ideal for responsive web design.
  • Small file size: SVGs have a smaller file size compared to other image formats, making them faster to load on websites.
  • Editable: SVGs can be edited using vector graphics software, allowing designers to easily make changes to the image.
  • Accessibility: SVGs can be read by screen readers, making them more accessible for people with visual impairments.

Types of SVGs

There are two types of SVGs: static and animated. Static SVGs are still images that do not move or change. Animated SVGs, on the other hand, are dynamic and can include animations, transitions, and interactive elements. Animated SVGs are often used in web design to create engaging and interactive user experiences.

Creating SVGs

Creating SVGs can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially when you’re able to sell them on Etsy. Here are some tips and tools to help you create high-quality SVGs that will attract buyers.

Tools for Creating SVGs

The first step to creating SVGs is to have the right tools. There are several software programs that can help you create SVGs, including Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, and CorelDRAW. These programs allow you to create vector graphics that can be saved as SVG files.

Another important tool for creating SVGs is a drawing tablet. A drawing tablet allows you to draw directly on the computer screen, which can help you create more precise and detailed designs. Some popular drawing tablets include Wacom Intuos and Huion H610 Pro.

Designing Tips for SVGs

When designing SVGs, it’s important to keep in mind that they will be used for a variety of purposes, including cutting with a Cricut or Silhouette machine, printing on t-shirts or other products, and more. Here are some tips for creating designs that will work well in these different contexts:

  • Use clean lines and simple shapes
  • Avoid using too many small details
  • Make sure your design is scalable
  • Choose colors that will work well on a variety of backgrounds
  • Consider the final use of your design when creating it

File Formats for SVGs

When saving your SVG files, it’s important to choose the right file format. SVG files can be saved in several different formats, including SVG, PNG, and JPG. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of each format:

File FormatProsCons
SVGScalable, editable, and perfect for cutting machinesNot compatible with all programs and websites
PNGHigh-quality and compatible with most programs and websitesNot scalable and not ideal for cutting machines
JPGSmall file size and compatible with most programs and websitesNot scalable and not ideal for cutting machines

Selling SVGs on Etsy

Setting up an Etsy shop

To start selling SVGs on Etsy, the first step is to create an Etsy shop. This involves choosing a shop name, creating a listing for your first product, and setting up your payment settings. It is important to build a consistent and unique brand for your shop, including a shop name, logo, brand colors, fonts, mission and vision, and packaging. This will help you stand out among other shops and build a loyal customer base.

Once your shop is set up, you can start listing your SVGs. Make sure to optimize your listings by including relevant keywords in your title and description, using high-quality images, and providing accurate information about your products.

Pricing your SVGs

When pricing your SVGs, it is important to consider the time and effort that went into creating them, as well as the demand for similar products on Etsy. Researching the prices of similar products can help you determine a competitive price point for your SVGs.

You can also offer discounts or bundle deals to incentivize customers to purchase multiple SVGs from your shop. This can help increase your sales and build customer loyalty.

Marketing your SVGs

Marketing your SVGs is essential to attracting potential customers to your Etsy shop. You can use social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to showcase your products and drive traffic to your shop. Collaborating with other Etsy sellers or influencers in your niche can also help increase your visibility and reach.

Offering freebies or samples of your SVGs can also help attract potential customers and build brand awareness. Make sure to include a call-to-action in your listings and social media posts to encourage customers to purchase your products.


Creating and selling SVGs on Etsy can be a lucrative business for those with design skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. By following the steps outlined in this article, sellers can create high-quality SVG designs, upload them to their Etsy shops, and market them to potential customers.

It’s important to keep in mind that success on Etsy requires more than just creating quality products. Sellers must also invest time and effort into promoting their shops, building a brand, and providing excellent customer service. By doing so, they can build a loyal following and establish themselves as leaders in the SVG design market.

As with any business venture, there are risks involved in selling SVGs on Etsy. Competition is fierce, and there is no guarantee of success. However, for those willing to put in the work and take a calculated risk, the potential rewards can be significant.