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How to Build Your Etsy Email List

How to Build Your Etsy Email List

Building an email list is an essential marketing strategy for any business, including Etsy sellers. An email list allows sellers to connect with their customers and promote their products directly. However, building an email list from scratch can seem daunting, especially for new Etsy sellers.

Fortunately, there are several effective ways to build an email list on Etsy. One popular method is to offer an instant discount in exchange for signing up for the seller’s newsletter. This simple offer can attract new subscribers and help grow the seller’s audience. Another method is to collect email addresses from existing customers by making the email list available and allowing them to opt-in voluntarily.

Understanding the Importance of Email Lists

Building an email list is crucial for any Etsy seller who wants to grow their business. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach customers and increase sales. According to OptinMonster, email marketing has some of the highest conversion rates and the highest ROI (return on investment) out of all the digital marketing channels.

Why Email Lists are Important for Etsy Businesses

First, email lists allow Etsy sellers to communicate with their customers directly. By having a list of email addresses, sellers can send newsletters, promotions, and updates to their customers. This helps to keep customers engaged and interested in the seller’s products.

Second, email lists provide an opportunity for sellers to upsell and cross-sell their products. By sending targeted emails to customers who have already made a purchase, sellers can suggest related products or offer exclusive promotions to encourage repeat business.

Third, email lists are a valuable asset for any business. Social media platforms and search engine algorithms can change at any time, but an email list is something that a seller owns and controls. It provides a direct line of communication with customers that can’t be taken away by external factors.

Creating an Irresistible Lead Magnet

One of the most effective ways to build an email list on Etsy is by creating an irresistible lead magnet. A lead magnet is a valuable offer that you give away for free in exchange for a potential customer’s email address. Here are some tips for creating an irresistible lead magnet:

Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Before creating a lead magnet, it’s important to identify your ideal customer. Who is your target audience? What are their pain points and challenges? What solutions can you offer them? By understanding your ideal customer, you can create a lead magnet that resonates with them and encourages them to sign up for your email list.

Creating a Valuable Offer

When creating a lead magnet, it’s important to offer something of value to your potential customers. This could be a free guide, checklist, template, or e-book that addresses their pain points and provides solutions. Make sure that your offer is relevant to your target audience and provides real value.

Designing an Eye-Catching Opt-In Form

Once you have created your lead magnet, you need to design an eye-catching opt-in form to promote it. Your opt-in form should be prominently displayed on your Etsy shop and website, and it should clearly communicate the benefits of your lead magnet. Use strong calls-to-action and persuasive copy to encourage potential customers to sign up for your email list.

Building Your Email List

Building an email list is an essential part of any Etsy seller’s marketing strategy. It allows you to communicate with your customers directly, promote new products, and build a loyal following. Here are some steps to help you build your email list:

Choosing an Email Marketing Service

Before you can start building your email list, you need to choose an email marketing service. There are many options available, including Mailchimp, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Drip, Mailshake, GetResponse, Klaviyo, and ActiveCampaign. Each service has its own features and pricing, so it’s important to choose one that fits your needs and budget.

Setting Up Your Email List

Once you’ve chosen an email marketing service, you need to set up your email list. This involves creating a sign-up form, where customers can enter their email addresses and other information. You can customize the form to match your branding and include fields for additional information, such as name and location.

Creating Effective Opt-In Incentives

To encourage customers to sign up for your email list, you need to offer them an incentive. This can be a discount code, free shipping, or a free download, such as an e-book or printable. Make sure the incentive is relevant to your business and valuable to your customers.

Promoting Your Lead Magnet

Once you’ve created your opt-in incentive, you need to promote it to your customers. You can do this by adding a sign-up form to your Etsy shop, including a call-to-action in your product listings, and promoting it on social media. Make sure to highlight the benefits of signing up for your email list and how it can help customers stay up-to-date with your latest products and promotions.

Nurturing Your Email List

Once you have built your email list, it is essential to nurture it by sending regular, engaging content to your subscribers. Here are some tips for nurturing your email list:

Crafting Compelling Email Content

The most critical aspect of nurturing your email list is crafting compelling email content that resonates with your subscribers. Your emails should be informative, engaging, and personalized to your subscribers’ interests. Use attention-grabbing subject lines, clear and concise copy, and a call-to-action that encourages your subscribers to take action.

Segmenting Your List

Segmenting your email list allows you to target specific groups of subscribers with personalized content that is relevant to their interests. You can segment your list based on demographics, behavior, or interests. For example, you can send different emails to subscribers who have purchased from your Etsy shop versus those who have not yet made a purchase.

Automating Your Email Campaigns

Automating your email campaigns can save you time and ensure that your subscribers receive regular, timely content. You can set up automated emails to welcome new subscribers, follow up on abandoned carts, or send personalized product recommendations based on their browsing behavior.

Tracking and Analyzing Your Results

Tracking and analyzing your email campaign results can help you understand what is working and what is not. You can use analytics tools to track open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Use this information to make data-driven decisions about how to improve your email campaigns and better serve your subscribers.


Building an email list can be a valuable tool for Etsy sellers to reach past, present, and potential customers. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, sellers can effectively grow their email list and use it to promote their shop, products, and sales.

It’s important to keep in mind that building an email list takes time and effort. It’s not a quick fix solution, but rather a long-term investment in building a loyal customer base. Sellers should focus on providing value to their subscribers and avoid bombarding them with constant sales pitches.