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How to Ship Furniture on Etsy

How to Ship Furniture on Etsy

Are you an Etsy seller looking to ship furniture? Shipping large items like furniture can be a daunting task, but with the right preparation and resources, it can be a smooth process. Luckily, Etsy has partnered with uShip, a shipping solution for large items and furniture, making it easier for sellers to ship their items to buyers.

Before shipping your furniture, it’s important to clean and inspect it thoroughly to ensure it’s in the best possible condition. Loose parts or damage can be a liability during shipping, so it’s best to address any issues before sending it off. Once your item is ready to ship, you can use uShip to find a carrier and get a quote for shipping costs. With uShip’s network of feedback-rated carriers, you can choose a reliable carrier that fits your budget.

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Understanding Etsy’s Shipping Policies

When it comes to shipping furniture on Etsy, it’s important to understand the platform’s shipping policies. Here are the three main sub-sections to consider:

Shipping Profiles

Etsy offers a shipping profiles feature that allows sellers to create shipping settings for their products. This feature can save time and help ensure consistency in shipping rates and options. Sellers can create multiple shipping profiles for different types of products, and can customize shipping rates based on factors such as weight, dimensions, and destination.

Shipping Rates

Etsy does not have a built-in shipping calculator, so sellers must manually set their shipping rates. It’s important to consider the cost of shipping materials, as well as the carrier and shipping method when setting rates. Offering free shipping can be a competitive advantage, but it’s not required.

Shipping Locations

Etsy allows sellers to ship to multiple locations, including international destinations. However, it’s important to research and understand the customs regulations and shipping restrictions for each country. Sellers should also consider the additional cost and time involved in international shipping.

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Preparing Furniture for Shipping

When shipping furniture on Etsy, it is important to properly prepare the items to ensure they arrive at their destination in the same condition they were in when they were shipped. Here are some tips for preparing furniture for shipping:

Packaging Materials

Gather all the necessary packaging materials before you start packing. You will need boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and foam padding. Make sure the boxes are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the furniture.

Proper Wrapping

Clean the furniture thoroughly before wrapping it. Use bubble wrap to cover the corners and any fragile parts of the furniture. Then, wrap the entire piece in a layer of plastic wrap to protect it from scratches and dust. For larger items, use moving blankets to wrap them securely.

Securing Items

Make sure all loose parts of the furniture are secured. Use packing peanuts or foam padding to fill any empty spaces in the box to prevent the furniture from shifting during transport. Use packing tape to seal the box securely.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your furniture arrives at its destination safely and securely.

Choosing a Shipping Carrier

When it comes to shipping furniture on Etsy, choosing the right shipping carrier is crucial. Here are some factors to consider:

Carrier Options

Etsy has partnered with uShip to offer a turnkey solution for shipping big and bulky items. uShip’s online shipping marketplace allows you to get affordable quotes from reliable shipping companies. You can also choose carriers based on past reviews.


When shipping furniture, it’s important to ensure that it is properly insured. Some carriers offer insurance as part of their services, while others require you to purchase it separately. Be sure to read the carrier’s insurance policy carefully before selecting them for your shipment.


Make sure you choose a carrier that provides tracking information for your shipment. This will allow you to monitor the progress of your shipment and ensure that it arrives at its destination on time.

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Calculating Shipping Costs

Weight and Dimensions

When it comes to shipping furniture on Etsy, calculating the shipping cost is an important part of the process. The cost of shipping is usually determined by the weight and dimensions of the item. It’s important to have accurate measurements of your furniture and to know its weight. You can use a scale to weigh your furniture and a measuring tape to measure its dimensions.

Once you have the weight and dimensions of your furniture, you can use a shipping calculator to estimate the cost of shipping. Many shipping companies offer online calculators that can help you determine the cost of shipping based on the weight and dimensions of your furniture. Some popular shipping companies that you can use to ship furniture on Etsy include UPS, FedEx, and uShip.


Another factor that affects the cost of shipping furniture on Etsy is the destination. Shipping to different locations can have different costs, so it’s important to know where your furniture is going. You can use a shipping calculator to estimate the cost of shipping to different locations.

When shipping furniture on Etsy, it’s important to communicate with your buyers about shipping costs. You can include the estimated shipping cost in the item description or you can provide a shipping quote to buyers upon request. By providing accurate shipping costs, you can avoid any surprises for your buyers and ensure a smooth transaction.

In conclusion, calculating the shipping cost is an important part of shipping furniture on Etsy. By knowing the weight and dimensions of your furniture and the destination, you can estimate the cost of shipping and communicate it to your buyers.

Handling Returns and Refunds

If a customer wants to return an item, it’s important to have a clear return policy in place. This will help avoid confusion and disputes. As an Etsy seller, you can set your own return policy, but keep in mind that Etsy has its own return policy as well.

Return Policies

When creating your return policy, consider the following:

  • How long do customers have to return an item?
  • Who pays for return shipping?
  • What condition must the item be in for a return to be accepted?
  • What is the process for initiating a return?

Make sure your return policy is clearly stated in your shop policies and in the item description. This will help avoid misunderstandings and disputes.

Refund Procedures

If a customer wants a refund, Etsy allows refunds within 180 days of the transaction. Refunds are issued in the original form of payment or Etsy credit. Shipping refunds are only issued in Etsy credit if the company administers them.

When a customer requests a refund, respond promptly and professionally. Ask for any necessary information, such as photos of the item or a description of the problem. If the item needs to be returned, provide clear instructions for the return process.

Keep in mind that refunds can take time to process. Depending on the payment method, it can take several days for the refund to show up in the customer’s account. Be patient and communicate clearly with the customer throughout the process.

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Tips for Successful Furniture Shipping on Etsy

Shipping furniture on Etsy can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to large and bulky items. However, with the right approach, you can successfully ship furniture to your customers while keeping costs low and ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

  • Choose the right carrier: When it comes to shipping furniture, choosing the right carrier is crucial. Consider factors such as size, weight, and destination when selecting a carrier. It’s also important to choose a carrier that offers tracking and insurance options to protect your shipment in case of damage or loss.
  • Packaging is key: Proper packaging is essential when shipping furniture. Make sure to use sturdy materials such as bubble wrap and cardboard to protect your items during transit. You may also want to consider using wooden crates or pallets for added protection.
  • Be transparent about shipping costs: Shipping furniture can be expensive, so it’s important to be transparent about shipping costs with your customers. Consider offering flat-rate shipping or free shipping for certain items to make the process more affordable for your customers.
  • Communicate with your customers: Communication is key when it comes to successful furniture shipping on Etsy. Make sure to keep your customers informed about the status of their shipment, including tracking information and estimated delivery dates. Respond promptly to any questions or concerns they may have.
  • Consider hiring a professional: If you’re not comfortable with shipping furniture yourself, consider hiring a professional shipping company to handle the process for you. This can help ensure that your items arrive safely and on time, while also saving you time and hassle.

By following these tips, you can successfully ship furniture on Etsy while keeping costs low and ensuring a positive experience for your customers. Remember to always prioritize communication and transparency to build trust and loyalty with your customers.